Cookstown & District

Motocross Club

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Entry Forms
Adult MRA Races
ALL entry forms for championship races must be with the adult competition secretary of the host club by the closing date stated , this is usually a week before the actual date of the race (IT is very important to check the  date ) . In the case of the Cookstown & District Motocross Club the adult entry forms must be sent to Dot McClements (Address at the bottom of the entry forms) with the full entry fee for that event (fees may vary from event to event). Cheques must be made out to the “Cookstown & District Motocross Club”.

Day Licenses
Riders competing at MRA run youth events must have a current license from either the MRA or the Southern Centre if the rider resides in the South of Ireland. A day license can be obtained for any rider who lives in eth North or South of Ireland but cannot be issued to any riders who resides outside of these areas. A day license is at a cost of £10.00.
A day license can only be obtained by a youth rider if they bring proof of their date of Birth i.e. a passport, original birth certificate or a license from another recognized governing body.
Mainland UK Riders
Riders who wish to compete at MRA events in Northern Ireland must have written start permission from their governing body prior to attending an event. This will be asked for at signing on and if not received permission to race will be refused.
Parents Permission for under 18 year olds. 
In racing, under MRA rules ,a parent must always accompany their child or children, (anyone under 18) , to their race day and be with them all day .
However in the event that this is not possible either one of the parents must put in writing their permission for another adult to act as their guardian for the day .
This must be done in writing and the attached form must be presented at each race day that this applies to . No written permission from the parent will mean a child will not be allowed to race .
Please help us get it right on the day and fill the form in if it applies to you. 
Many thanks  
Entry Form
Closing Date